Liberals Decry Mitt Romney Helping Hurricane Victims, Praise Occupy Wall St. for Same

While it’s just plain stupid to try to smear Mitt for trying to help hurricane victims at all, as deceptive video-editing queen Andrea Mitchell did yesterday, it’s even more pathetically stupid when you see this headline today:

Occupy Sandy: Occupy Wall Street Helps Storm Victims

Ah… yes the brilliant consistency of the Left. The Obama lap dogs yapped at MSNBC that it was stupid for Romney to collect food, blankets and clothing for those in New Jersey because the Red Cross prefers cold hard cash instead of other donations – except Romney specifically collected these things, put them on a U-Haul and sent them to New Jersey. You’re telling me no one in devastated Jersey could use food, blankets and clothing?

Only if you were a moron at MSNBC could you believe such nonsense. Or their 10 viewers.

On the other hand, we have crackhead communist man-made-up global warming priestess Allison Kilkenny, who fawns all over Occupy Wall St. cop-car-crappers for doing the exact same thing:

Occupy Wall Street…. to help coordinate response to Hurricane Sandy. OWS states on its website that they are launching support pages at for individuals to give help…

Drop off points have been established throughout Brooklyn where people can drop off candles, flashlights, batteries, water, food, or other amenities, reports.

Of course, neither she, nor, the Russian propaganda news service specializing in anti-American conspiracy theories, mention that Occupy Wall Street has also praised Hurricane Sandy for the destruction it’s brought to America!

From Heritage:

East Coast residents are still reeling from the damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy. At least 39 people are dead, 8.2 million are without power, the storm inflicted about $20 billion in property damage, and it will likely cause $10 billion to $30 billion in lost business activity.

But Occupy Wall Street — the waning protest movement based in New York City, which was hammered by the hurricane — has found cause to celebrate in the wake of the devastating storm.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the group’s official Twitter account extolled the loss of electricity in New York and the halting of the city’s public transportation system (which, strangely, it included in a tweet tagged “#capitalism”).

One tweets says “when capitalism retreats, our communities flourish” – hear that, hurricane victims? Your house has burned down, but it’s worth it because some troglodyte occupier would rather you have “community” than a home to live in.

Another says, “As capitalism halts, we experience ‘an exceptional period of mutual support and common care.’ ” So don’t worry that you can’t get into the city to earn a paycheck – some basement-dwelling mountain-dew swilling maggot living off his parents’ hard work who’s unemployment because they invested in a 4-year degree in 17th century LGBT albino studies with an emphasis on White Male European Oppression just knows that you’re better off now!


Oh and don’t forget – your Occupy Wall Street morons are Obama-approved!


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